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Monica Martoff

Monica Martoff (singer, songwriter, and composer)

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Quick Bio: Although Monica Martoff was a full-time working mother who was raising two children by herself not long after losing her husband to lung cancer, she managed to start a pursuit for a music career. In the beginning, she started writing with an acoustic guitar & at the same time recording them herself with 2 boom boxes and 1 mic. The house she lived in was made of stone from a nearby canyon & one of the bathrooms had a really great sound to record in. That’s where she recorded “Leaving You” (released) and “Kids Of The Universe” (not released). Not long after she started attending the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase or L.A.S.S. back in the early 80’s and while leaving one of those showcases she saw a billboard outside for a music publisher Shelly Weiss. Monica contacted him as soon as she could. From the start, Shelly took a liking to her sound and writing in general. He was also helping her with structure and pop writing techniques. Unfortunately, he got busy with a project with Eric Clapton and Monica for financial reasons and more decided to move her and her son Nathan to Pittsburgh, Pa to be closer to family and a better environment for her son. At that time she still went on to compose more music but only on keyboards/synths. This was something she started even back in L.A. What she found is a more theme/commercial style that could be possibly her ticket to get into tv/film placements. The problem was being in Pittsburgh where no music business existed.

Years passed and her son Nathan grew up and decided for himself to get into the music business as a recording engineer. He quickly after some schooling and under a year later he landed what began as an internship became quickly a full-time job as an Assistant Engineer (and more) for Grammy Award-winning Songwriter/Producer Rick Nowels. It was in this experience where Nathan was getting exposed to the best of the music business in terms of the Pop world of 1999/2000. He stayed for a year and a half but the job became tiresome and underpaid so he took an opportunity into the world of Post-Production for film/tv.

To move forward to now, Monica is currently retired outside of Pittsburgh and Nathan lives in L.A. w/ his wife Renea. Since 2006 or so Nathan began transferring Monica’s work from the cassette’s into digital .wav’s & such. From there he formed KANU Entertainment and created his publishing company. All of it was directly related to the pursuit of getting Monica’s music a chance to be heard again and possibly used in various mediums. She currently has 2 songs released in a variety of online stores such as iTunes and Amazon. The 1st single is “Follow Your Heart” and the follow up is “Leaving You”. More songs are coming out very soon, including an album covering a variety of her work in its raw form. In the Summer of 2018 Monica’s song “Cantamar” landed her 1st Film Placement in a Campy fun Dark Comedy called “Paint It Red” written & directed by the late Paul T. Murray. Currently available to buy or rent on digital platforms like Amazon, iTunes & cable On-Demand services such as Comcast & Cox for example.


1st music single from Monica Martoff


2nd release from Monica Martoff
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