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Monica Martoff

Monica Martoff (singer, songwriter, and composer)

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Before she was a musician, Monica Martoff was a single mother with two kids. After releasing multiple pieces and having her music featured in Paul T. Murray’s film “Paint It Red”, it feels like she was not a musician. As evidenced by her self-sufficiency in writing, recording, and producing all of her music, Monica Martoff was cut out to be a musical artist from the very beginning.

Martoff’s journey began with nothing but an acoustic guitar, two boom boxes, one microphone, and a bathroom with great sound. Inexplicably drawn towards music, Monica Martoff joined Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase or L.A.S.S. in the 80s. Soon after, she found music publisher Shelly Weiss who took her under her wing and took an immediate liking to her musical and songwriting abilities. From there on, Monica’s trajectory only went up.

Monica Martoff’s music boasts a distinct style. She largely explores themes of love, free-spiritedness, and soulful yearning. As an artist, she is heavily influenced by Eurythmics’s Annie Lennox and Micheal Jackson. She admires Lennox’s command over language and her unique blend of new wave/rock n roll. This inspired her to play with different sounds and find her own niche. She also saw Michael Jackson as an idol, the perfection of whose writing she wanted to match in her own work.

Her most prominent songs include “Summer In L.A.” which she produced as an ode to the L.A. Lifestyle at the same time that Randy Newman released “I Love L.A.” Another one of her remarkable songs is “Leaving You” which explores the loss of love. With a contrasting theme, her song “Follow Your Heart” deals with ideas of self-belief and taking the leap for your dreams. Her EP Vaporwaves was released earlier in the year 2020 and features her partner in music, Diastrid. Their music is available on all major streaming platforms for listening.

In the Summer of 2018 Monica’s song “Cantamar” landed her 1st Film Placement in a Campy fun Dark Comedy called “Paint It Red” written & directed by the late Paul T. Murray. Currently available to buy or rent on digital platforms like Amazon, iTunes & cable On-Demand services.

1st music single from Monica Martoff
2nd release from Monica Martoff
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