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Interview with Monica Martoff in October 2012


Please enjoy this bio/interview with Monica Martoff who is now currently retired but still composing now into her early 70’s. This was recorded back in the fall of 2012 out here in L.A. while she was visiting me and my wife. In this interview we talk about a venue that existed in Hollywood to help up ‘n coming songwriters to be heard in front of industry insiders but still be incognito to everyone else. She really gives you a view of a carefree period that existed in the early 80’s and it reflected into the music that was out at the time. I do not include any of her music in this interview but more will be appearing soon online. I originally thought it would be cool but after re-listening to the interview I came to the conclusion it’s great on it’s own. So sit back and relax as we travel down memory lane and also get into the nut’s n bolts of songwriting. I hope you enjoy.


Here is a website I found recently that is dedicated to the memory of the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase and it gives you a much further history than what we covered in the interview.

Click Here!!